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> Apparently she offered to sign one, and he said no.
> But I don't  quite understand the buzz about how much
> money he's going to lose.  Is  she suing him?  They've
> said the separation is amicable.  Why  does everybody
> assume she's going to take him for as much as she  can
> get?
> On the other hand, he's rolling in dough. Even if  she
> took half, he'd still be fabulously  wealthy.
> Judy I was just going by the headline on AOL as I signed on.  It's
> just a possibility. It doesn't look like there will be a big battle
> for  loot at this time.

I hope not.  But I've run into the notion that
she's going to take the money and run a whole
bunch of times now.  I was wondering if there was
some *law* in the UK that she had to get a
particular amount if there wasn't a prenup.  I
don't think there is in the U.S.

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