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> > > > > > >+++ Once upon a time, the world was flat.
> > > > > >      With the passing of time and more expierience gained,
> > > > > > it has become round.
> > > > > >      This author lacks expierience with which the
> paranormal
> > > > > > becomes normal.
> > > >
> > > > Thats pretty funny. And seems to ignore the history of science.
> Are
> > > > you suggesting Kurtz is ignorant of, or denies the history of
> > > science?
> > >
> > > FWIW, I understood him to be saying that Kurtz lacks
> > > experience of the paranormal.
> >
> > ok. I read him to say "This author lacks expierience with which the
> > paranormal BECOMES normal." [caps added]
> I would guess that it becomes normal when you have
> lots of it.  In other words, Kurtz hasn't had enough
> (if any) for it to become normal for him.
> Still not sure what this has to do with your notion
> that he was suggesting Kurtz is ignorant of or denies
> the history of science.

> >
> > My mistake. :)

Well, maybe I am still missing his point. But he appears to be saying
that some things that seem "magical", later become scientific truths.
I don't think Kurtz would argue that. The history of science is that
things unknown become known. At the turn of the century some prominent
scientists proclaimed "we know everything now". Boy were they in for a
shock. Radio would have seemed a paranormal pehomenon in 1850. By 1920
or so it was normal. Kurtz would not dispute that. It seems to me
that Nelson was implying he would. If not, my mistake.

However,  "that some things that seem "magical", later become
scientific truths"  does not imply, as Nelson may be doing, that all
things magical later become scientific truths. Some things are just
bunk, and will always be bunk.

The Arthur C. Clarke quote is germane -- "Any sufficiently advanced
technology is indistinguishable from magic." However, its important to
understand that the following corallary is not true "Any magic will
someday be seen as advanced technology." That is lots of paranormal
stuff today is bunk, will always be bunk. And some will become science
in the future.

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