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> > Every Memorial Day we hear that myth about those who have fallen
> > fighting for "our freedom."  Believe me nobody ever died fighting for
> > "our freedom." 
> Horse shit. You poor dryless cynic.

To hold that many of those sent to fight did not believe and dedicate
their lives to noble ideals is horseshit, and personifies a soul never
engaged in the front lines and the horror and sacrafices made.

That many leaders on many sides through history have let down the
troops they led into battle  with national chauvinism and jingoistic
bravado is indisputable.

But to demean those sent to die, often with no choice, often fought
with noble and sincere ideals, is quite putridly sick. Don't demean
common soldiers' courage and sacrafices with your armchair horseshit
meanderings of a dry soul, devoid of compassion, shakti, or any
positive tantric virtue.

> > Instead they fought to keep the rich rich and the poor
> > poor.

The fallen soldiers, on both sides, deserve honor and respect. Their
leaders may not, and may deserve damnation. Revolutionary War (seems
noble with exceptions), Civil war (seems a waste, let states determine
their own destinies as free people), Indian wars (genocidic,
excessive, which we bear great shame, and bear the price of still
today), WWI (a waste of US effort -- a power struggle of tired and
decayed imperialist powers, which the US should have left to wear down
their depraved imperialistic and militeristic ways), WWII (a result of
"Allied"  harshness of the Treaty of Versaille, but noble in a limited
view, the need to contain facism and neo-imperialism), Viet-Nam (a sad

But any soldier who was called and fought have my respect. Any soldier
maimed, has much respect. Any soldier who died in such, has much much
honor and respect. On both sides. And those that resisted. Went to
jail. COs.

To demean the sincerity of the majority of common soldiers is sad, if
not horrific, on Memorial Day.

Caste your spite, if you must, on stupid and manipulative leaders. But
casting love, foregiveness, and acceptance is the path to peace. Not
empty disrespectful rhetoric.

I have spent the day honoring the 57,000+ american dead from Vietnam.
Its such a huge number of souls. I wish I could light a candle for
each. Next year! May we all give them deserved compassion. As well as
the several million (by some accounts) of perished vietnamese.

And WWII. The tragedy boggles the mind and heart. From blitzkrieg, to
death camps, to the fierceness of Okinowa and pending Kyusua, to the
horror of the Atomic bombs. How dare you defile the sacrafice of
millions with platitudes!

All honor and love to all deseased and maimed. On all sides. And
hoping all can finally appreciate the pure and deep humanity in all.
And war will become a relic.

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