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> So Turq,
> When did you file your CO (conscientious objector) papers?
> Tell us about your plans to go to jail rather than perpetuate
> war and to kill.
> Or are your words as hollow as your friends?
> And when did resisting wars ever mean one can't and should not
> honor those that did offer their bodies, willingly, or by
> coercion, as a sacrifice.
> I honor those that resisted, those that were on the "other" side
> (a strange concept), and those who were conscripted and
> volunteered for the US Armed Forces and lost limbs and lives.
> Are you one of those who spit on vietnam vet amputees and maimed?
> Can  you step off your soap box long enough to honor those who
> were forced to fight wars they did not start?
> I have less sympathy for leaders and voters who create and feed
> the foundations of war. And dillitants who sprout prissy nice
> words that are hollow, cynical and so dry -- empty of compassion
> and humanity.

You know, dude, there's a new hotline for Attention
Vampires, at 1-800-FUCK-OFF. I hear they've been
able to help a lot of people. You just call and
try to get their attention and they laugh at you
until you start to laugh at yourself.  :-)

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