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> > So Turq,
> >
> > When did you file your CO (conscientious objector) papers?
> > Tell us about your plans to go to jail rather than perpetuate
> > war and to kill.
> >
> > Or are your words as hollow as your friends?
> >
> > And when did resisting wars ever mean one can't and should not
> > honor those that did offer their bodies, willingly, or by
> > coercion, as a sacrifice.
> >
> > I honor those that resisted, those that were on the "other" side
> > (a strange concept), and those who were conscripted and
> > volunteered for the US Armed Forces and lost limbs and lives.
> >
> > Are you one of those who spit on vietnam vet amputees and maimed?
> >
> > Can  you step off your soap box long enough to honor those who
> > were forced to fight wars they did not start?
> >
> > I have less sympathy for leaders and voters who create and feed
> > the foundations of war. And dillitants who sprout prissy nice
> > words that are hollow, cynical and so dry -- empty of compassion
> > and humanity.
>You know, dude, there's a new hotline for Attention
>Vampires, at 1-800-FUCK-OFF. I hear they've been
>able to help a lot of people. You just call and
>try to get their attention and they laugh at you
>until you start to laugh at yourself.  :-)

Somehow he (like many pro-Vietnam people did) has misconstrued our
discussion as being anti-vet.  I happen to know quite a few vets who
would agree with my original statement.  Unfortunately most figured it
out too late.

So if they're "fighting for our freedom" then why don't they throw a
military coup and depose King George and his minions who are the biggest
threat to "our freedom" in the history of this country.

BTW, I think you might enjoy listening to this funky philosopher who is
a Scotsman now living in Canada.  He's got quite an interesting handle
on things.  During the "Sweet Liberty" MP3 last week (on the 24th) he
even comments on Maharishi and the Beatles (true believers may want to
stay away).
Funky website too.

And you might find this Thom Hartmann interview interesting where he
discusses Buddhist, Christian and Hindu concepts of time:

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