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> > > Enlightened leadership is the only way  out.
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> > > But if the leadership is only a reflection of the collective 
> > > consciousness, then you've got a real problem. In order to have
> > > enlightened leadership, you're going to have to have an
> > > enlightened society first.
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> > Huh, that's a good point!  I've never heard that raised
> > before.  It seems so obvious now that you mention it.
> Self-evident? haha

I don't think I said self-evident.  I think I said

> While I like the notion of "leadership is only a reflection of the
> collective consciousness", in newly energized Kurtzian
> sensibilities, thats an idea, perhaps someday testable -- though
> that would be a challenge --  but it is neither fact nor a good
> theory that can make valid predictions. Is it true? How do you know
> it would be true?

Er, did you read what I was commenting on?  Did you
actually read my comment?

I was referring to what MDixon pointed out, that
the TMO concepts of enlightened leadership, on the
one hand, and leadership that reflects the
consciousness of the people, on the other hand,
don't seem to mesh very well.  In other words,
they can't both be true.

> What would the kids be like if Paul Kurtz married Byron Katie?

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