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> As I understand it, CC, GC, UC (etc.) refer to
> specific types of experience at certain points
> along a continuum of experience. I'm not sure
> of the distinction Vaj is making between "state"
> and "stage," but again in my understanding there
> would be points along the continuum of development
> of consciousness at which each of these types of
> experience becomes permanent.  These points would
> be sequential in the sense that permanent UC
> would not be achieved until after permanent GC had
> been achieved, and permanent GC would not occur
> until after permanent CC had been achieved.
> This does *not* mean that one cannot have 
> experiences of UC before even permanent CC has
> been achieved, and so on.  So in that sense
> they aren't sequential; they're sequential in
> terms of the order in which each becomes
> permanent, in my understanding of what MMY
> teaches.
Yes, that is my understanding based on my experience also. By 
culturing the nervous system through TM and TM-Sidhis alternating  
with activity, our physiology becomes refined to do exactly as you 
say above; each state (CC, GC, UC) becomes a permanent stepping 
stone to the next one above it. Also as you say, we can have 
intermittent experiences of advanced states before they are 
permanent. You are absolutely correct.

I was confused by this sequencing at first, and posted here awhile 
back that I didn't think any of these states were permanent, but 
instead, accessible at any time. 

However this perception was due to my normal experience of just 
continuing to function in the 'here and now', even once CC, GC and 
UC had fully ripened. For example if I want to see angels, I can see 
angels. However there are very few circumstances where this is of 
practical value, or even desirable for me, so I tend not to 'turn 
on' or use this ability very often. And yet it is now a permanent 
fixture of my physiological functioning.

More often, my desires are those of everyday life, and so the 
hallmarks or guideposts of CC, GC, and UC go unnoticed. It should 
also be said, that although this is the case, the culturing of CC, 
GC and UC as permanently accessible states greatly enhances the 
ability for my everyday desires to be nearly effortlessly fulfilled. 

Obviously none of this is new to us, or unique to me. It is just a 
wonderful experience to have been taught something for so many 
years, and then be able to verify it experientially. As I often 
say, 'what a trip!'.

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