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I deleted this post a few minutes after sending it, seeing that Spraig

did respond with a link of cites (a bit of a shotgun) some of wich

possibly support the SA articles point.

Possibly. TB's are great at posting such BS, I'd be very careful. A  

common pattern really among many fundamentalists: dazzle with the BS.

The articles had nothing to do with TMO research, it was a list of the

life time publised research of Bolkman (sp) of UCSD. 

I am wading through the viable article(s) listed in the link that

appear to support the SA point.

"Appear" being the operative word.

Why? I was picking titles in the Bolkman research, to further read,

that appear related to the SA themes. What is odd about that?

Nevermind, I don't think you got what I was saying.

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