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> > 'Unstressing,' to me (if you're seriously asking) is
> > a *made up* phrase that doesn't have much to do with
> > reality. As we've discussed before, I do not believe
> > that 'stress' has anything whatsoever to do with
> > preventing the realization of enlightenment. I think
> > that Maharishi coopted the word 'stress' from Hans
> > Selye and coined the phrase 'unstressing' because it 
> > gave him an easy way to ignore some of the less-than-
> > pleasant side effects of TM.
> > 
> > I'm not suggesting that you have to believe this,
> > but it's what I believe.
> Your history is certainly correct, but the conclusion is 
> debateable.  


> What is YOUR explation for the "less-than-pleasant sdie 
> effects of TM?"

A technique that was cobbled together from several 
other existing techniques and given to guinea pigs 
(us) to test. As opposed to a technique or techniques 
that have been taught the same way and the effects 
noted and documented for centuries.

Again, I'm not suggesting that you believe this, but
I tend to. My belief is based on seeing a fair number
of TMers who complained about "heavy unstressing" for
years learn a different style of meditation, one with
more tradition behind it, and have all of the things
they considered "unstressing" go away completely within
a couple of days, never to reappear. This while their
subjective experience both of transcendence during
meditation and benefits after meditation increased.

I'm not trying to argue with you here, BTW. I'm just
trying to explain where I'm coming from whenever the
issue of "unstressing" comes up. I rejected the 
"stress prevents enlightenment" theory a couple of
decades ago, so I really don't hold many of the
core assumptions that a person who believes the TM
explanation does.

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