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> >
> > Yes, the marketing changed after 1977 when the first citizen sidha
> > course lawsuits after the first flying block.  It was a technical
> > change written by movement lawyers.  MMY continued to promise
> > flying in the air with the flying sutra with specific timetables 
> > for all the years I was involved.  But the written marketing 
> > literature changed, and they had people sign a bunch of stuff 
> > they could use in court if they had to.
> It's called the "Nudge nudge wink wink know what
> I mean" marketing scheme (after the Monty Python
> skit). They make you sign a bunch of papers saying
> that they're not promising you that you will fly
> someday while promising you that you will fly
> someday.
> How else do you explain all the apologists here
> who signed such papers and yet believe that they
> or other people will levitate someday.

Which apologists here would those be, Barry?




> That said, *they* fell for it. You can't pull this
> kind of stuff on someone who doesn't want it to
> be true.

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