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> >
> (http://www.drudgereport.com/flash3.htm)   Is he 
> > "acting", out of fear for his career, or  sincere?
> Who can say?  He certainly has good reason to fear
> for his career, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility
> that he genuinely wants to be a decent human being.
> I was impressed by this:
> "I am in the process of understanding where those vicious words came 
> from during that drunken display."
> Actually, it doesn't seem like it would be very
> difficult to understand where they came from; anybody
> who has ever read anything about his father has a
> really good idea where they came from.  But maybe
> Mel hasn't been able to confront that until now.
> So far, he's been unwilling to say anything against
> his father's views.  I'd think he has to get to the
> point where he can *both* love his father *and*
> vehemently disagree with him publicly before he can
> really heal himself.  Whether that will also heal
> his career is another question.

Given his decision to produce the Passion of Christ, I won't take his 
contriteness as real 
until he expresses some degree of remorse about that.

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