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> > Ban anything that can be used to determine the sex of the
> > > fetus. Ultrasound while the mom isn't allowed to look, would be
> > > OK, as long as the doctor doesn't reveal the sex.
> >
> > Hey, that might actually work.
> So let me see if understand this.
> Judy is all for the right of a mother-to-be to kill her fetus

("Woman" would be the appropriate term in this

> she's for banning her right to know what that soon-to-be-dead
> fetus' sex is????

What I'm against is abortion based on the
sex of the fetus.

But Judy, the mother doesn't have to give a reason  why she wants to abort a fetus. She doesn't even have to tell the ultra sound tech or doctor she has any plans to abort and she has every right to know the sex of the fetus as she would the general health of the fetus at the time of ultra sound. 

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