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[MDixon wrote:]
> > Certainly you wouldn't want some politician or dictator telling 
> > you what the sex of a child you are permitted to bring into the 
> > world or abort should be.

[I wrote:]

> This really isn't the simplistic issue  some would
> like to make it. There isn't any "good" solution
> that's  actually feasible given the situation in
> China.
> The ideal solution  would involve everyone in China
> practicing sound birth-control methods  *and* the
> society having a means of adequately taking care of
> the  elderly so they wouldn't starve if they had no
> male children to support  them, and/or ensuring that
> female children have the same opportunities  that
> male children do so females could support their
> parents  too.
> But these kinds of changes aren't *feasible* in
> China, at least  in the short run; they couldn't
> be accomplished in time to avoid massive  hardship
> if abortion were banned entirely or if the status
> quo of women  selectively aborting female fetuses
> were maintained.
> So what you  have to look for is the least-bad
> *feasible* solution that will allow the  society
> to function while you work for longer-term, more
> positive  changes.
[MDixon wrote:]
> I would imagine the Chinese think the current policy will  fix the
> situation quickly.  
> Once there is an over abundance of men and too few  women, fewer 
> children of either sex will be born and women valued more. It's a  
> nasty and evil way to fix the problem, but the Chinese have a 
> reputation for  using nasty, evil ways to fix their problems.

So you're in favor of Lawson's solution, then, since
it's clearly a lesser evil?

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