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> What about the mothers right to know?
> > 
> > What about  it?
> > 
> > Now could you imagine that being said to a prospective  mother in 
> > the USA? For all the doctor knows, she's coming in for a  routine 
> > check up and wants to know the sex of her child. She doesn't
> > have to make a decision to abort before she knows all the  facts.
> So you think it's fine for a woman to make a decision
> to  abort or not based on the sex of the child?
> How prevalent do you think  such decisions are in the
> U.S. compared to China?
> Actually, I think no child should be aborted unless the mothers
> life is endangered, any where. However the accepted culture is that 
> women control their bodies and reproductive rights and those are 
> considered human rights, not political rights. The problem you have 
> with aborting a fetus based on sex is the same one I have for 
> aborting a fetus regardless of sex. I call that equal rights.

You're avoiding my question.  We're talking here
about a specifically national situation rather than 

(For the record, I would vastly prefer that there be
no abortions at all anywhere except for saving the
mother's life, and I think most pro-choicers feel the
same way.  We just think there are better ways of
avoiding the problem of unwanted pregnancies, on the
one hand; and on the other, that banning abortion
legally is a very *bad* way to avoid abortion.)

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