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> However to proclaim MMY/TMO BC or other TMO/MMY style of 
> without his confirmation is delusion or lack of integrity. 
> You yourself mentioned the trap of misinterpreating some form of
> awakening as being a much grander awakening. Given the extensive
> history of this in the TMO, and given MMY has been so picky and
> specific about confirmations of enlightenemnt, why does this 
> appear to be an issue or question to you: To proclaim MMY/TMO BC or
> other TMO/MMY style of enlightenment without his confirmation is
> delusion or lack of integrity. 
> To proclaim ones own definition of enlightenement, or ones 
> is fine. Or for example, Alex's proclamation of his waking down 
> I awakening (excuse my lack of preciseness of terms) is great. 
> My sole point is that these are not MMY/TMO styles of 
> If you want to go to the mic, and have MMY confirm these as 
> or other MMY/TMO  enlightenment, then great. Then proclaim away. 
>  then, its some other awakening.  
> All yours and others apparent desire to proclaim their awakenings 
> the same as MMY/TMO enlightenment is quite odd. Just pronounce what
> ever awakening one wants. Other than those that have requirements 
> one doesn't meet.
And as long as someone's definition or proclamation of enlightenment 
doesn't fit your definition of what it should be, you are 'SAFE'.

Please make sure that you are always 'SAFE', with every i dotted and 
every t crossed. 'SAFE'- Aye, that's the ticket, isn't it? 'SAFETY'.

Dude, you may want to play this game about 'you can't be enlightened 
or have a valid experience of such, until you have satisfied all of 
my rules', because you know as well as I do that even if someone 
were to get up and speak with Maharishi, he would not proclaim them 
as being enlightened. 1) I have never heard of Him doing so, and 2) 
If he did on a regular basis, we would have all heard about it.

Your game is just to keep your own fears of self-dissolution at bay. 
Nothing more and nothing less.

So keep trying to dazzle us with your turns and feints, but you know 
what? At the end of the day, you are left in the dust with your 
empty arguments. Jai Guru Dev. 

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