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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "geezerfreak" <geezerfreak@>
> wrote:
> > Hi kids, Judy here again. Oh dear, I had the best intentions 
> > and wanted so much to remove my rear end from my internet 
> > thrown and go outside today. I'm afraid my evil old self 
> > took over and I've gone all cunty again! Honestly, I really 
> > do want to be a better person, a loving, non-judgemental 
> > person. Please bear with me as I wrestle with my inner demons. 
> Geezerfreak, in the interest of "fairness and accuracy"
> I have to...uh...stand up for Judy here and suggest 
> that you are exaggerating. 
> One quick search of Yahoo shows that yesterday she did 
> *not* sit in front of the computer all day, as you claim
> in your parody. She only sat there in front of the monitor 
> for her normal 9-to-5 "shift" (9:34 am - 5:02 pm, to be 
> exact), posting every few minutes, all day.

Actually by "every few minutes" Barry means
about every 13 minutes on average from 9:34 am
to 12:22 pm (14 posts), followed by an hour's
lunch break; then about one every 26 minutes 
until a bit before 3 pm (4 posts), at which point
I went out for a stroll on the boardwalk (my
second for the day, the first having been in
the early morning after program (I'm very fair-
skinned, so I try to avoid going out when the
sun is high).

Then I did some work from about a quarter after
4, when I got back, until around 5:00, when I
did my program again, then worked some more until
I knocked off for the day at 8:30, having made
3 posts (average 1 per hour and a half), and
then one final post at 11:37 before I went to bed.

My actual working hours yesterday were those 3
late afternoon-evening hours.  The morning
hours when I was posting frequently were 
personal time, catching up on email, paying
bills, making phone calls, and so on--short
tasks with posts sandwiched in between.  The
early afternoon hours were recreational, mostly
surfing and online shopping, with a few posts
here and there.  I was also doing some dinner
preparations for when some came over after I
was finished working at 8:30.

> After that I'm sure it was possible for her to go 
> outside and get some sun, say between 5:00 pm her time 
> and sunset, when she came back and making another few
> posts.

Barry has a bit of trouble with the time zone 
difference between the U.S. and France; I was out
from a little before 3 till a little after 4.  And
as noted, he also has a rather expansive view of
"every few minutes."

That's a fairly typical day for me, as it happens.
The nice thing about working for myself is that
I can make up my own schedule as I go along, post
or surf whenever I need a little break without
anybody looking over my shoulder, take longer
breaks and relax or go out or go shopping when
the mood strikes me, work when I feel like it.

> As for "gone all cunty," well, that's definitely fair
> and accurate, so carry on...  :-)

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