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> That's a right-wing myth, actually, promoted in a book
> by right-winger Bernard Goldberg after he got fired
> from CBS. It's been busted six ways to Sunday. For
> example, see:
> No Judy , it was not a myth. I witnessed it almost every night as I
was an
> avid news watcher. Every time I heard those comments I wondered to
myself "how
> do they get away with that?" along with the smirks and roll of the
eyes and
> other body language that was used. This was long before people
started to call
> attention to it. Long before the was a Rush Limbaugh or
conservative talk
> radio. Not only did I notice the obvious bias but my family and
friends did as
> well because we often would comment to one another about it.

Unfortunately, what you "notice" from your right-wing
perspective doesn't count as evidence. There isn't
anything to call attention *to*. When folks have
actually researched this myth using Lexis/Nexis
transcripts, it's been found to be false.

It's hard to do a search for, but I'll keep trying.

Smirks and eye-rolling, BTW, does happen on Fox, but
not on respectable news outlets.

Judy don't waist your time doing google searches because most of the most blatant comments showing favoritism such as the comments I made started back in the 70's and went up through the early 90's prior to the public having as many PC's as is common now. While you can google a transcript you'll never pull up a smirk, or a roll of the eyes. Only the major networks are going to have the tapes of their nightly broadcasts and surely you wouldn't  expect them to document their own bias, now would you? Just because you can't google something doesn't mean it didn't exist. Why not meet some conservative people that were conservative during that time period and old enough to remember watching the media then and get their opinions?

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