Averages are useful, but not refelctive of the core problem, IMO.

Tell someone on a jammed freeway at rush hour that "the roads have
ample capacity to handle average traffic" you will probably be shot by
a roadrager.

My premise is that when somone beyond the AMT-three, frankly I think
you have cut down to reasonable levels (but I include you since you
part of the original sample), sees pages and pages of
Spraig/Judy/Shemp posts, they just slap their forehead and go away.
Massive compulsive, drivel-prone, peak posters drive away thoughtful

60% of posts by 4 peaople. Or excluding you, 55% by three AMT people!
Its quite sick, compulsive and abusive IMO. They are choking, with
content and tone (Shemp and Judy (at times) per tone) what  was once a
vibrant, friendly, supportive forum to a 60's encounter group with a
couple of non-stop loud-mouths.

I am not into enforcement -- far less than you on political and social
issues than you -- I imagine. I would prefer to see those that are
sick of 60% peak clogging of FFL to speak up. If 10 people do,
Sparaig, Judy and Shemp may GET it. I have hope for Judy and Sparaig. 

If several cycles of that doesn't work, I suggest that anyone can pull
the stats and if someone is above 10% for a one-day or greater period,
they are given a "time-out" for two weeks. Time-outs work for kids,
and are hardly abusive. They help inform and provide feedback to
people to help them "get a grip". For compulsive, rude, or obnoxious
for whom repeated group consensus to "cool it' don't have an effect,
then "time-outs" may be worth a try.

I don't prefer the above time-outs. I prefer that 10 people stand up
and say that they are sick of three people posting 50% or so of posts
at peak times and ask them to please be become conscious of their
effect of driving others away.

Or we just start a new group, and don't give them the address. :)

By the way, your stats are off.
In Sept there have been 2841 posts. 130 by me.  4.5%.   6 a day. 

I like your idea of shooting for an average of 4. Some days, a bit
more, some days a bit less.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hey new.morning,
> I actually agree with you. But let's get more
> specific here. Since you're the one who wanted 
> to set "guidelines" and "enforce" them, how 
> many posts do YOU think I should limit myself 
> to per day?
> Should I hold myself to your standard? During 
> the month of September (so far) you sent an 
> average of 6.14 posts per day, whereas I rudely 
> sent an average of 8.7 posts per day. 
> I will try my best in the future not only to
> not exceed your average, but to limit myself
> to less than half that amount, an average of 
> no more than four posts per day. That is well
> below the median posting level for the group 
> as a whole. Would that be satisfactory?
> If so, now see whether you can get the other 
> three to do this. During September, their 
> daily averages were as follows:
> authfriend -- 17.81 posts per day
> sparaig -- 18.05 posts per day
> shempmcgurk -- 12.19 posts per day
> Good luck.  :-)
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, new.morning <no_reply@> wrote:
> >
> > for sept 20-21 Approx 30 hours
> > 
> >     posts   total   %       Cum %
> > sparaig     56      213     26%     26%
> > Judy        33      213     15%     42%
> > Shemp       24      213     11%     53%
> > Turq        12      213     6%      59%
> > 
> > Several weeks ago when I did this spot 24 hour (or 100 post) check,
> > These four posters were a mere, but still intrusive and approching
> > abnoxious, 40% of total FFL posts. Now they  are almost 60%. As they
> > say in the music biz, "Rising with a bullet".
> > 
> > To other posters beyond these four: Do you really want to see FFL
> > taken over by this virus? I see full pages of 20-30 posts and they 
> > are nearlly all Sparaig. Its difficult to even find posts not from 
> > this clan of obsessives. 
> > 
> > Anyone else sick of thus choking of FFL? If so, open your window and
> > shout "I'm not going to take in any longer". Or simple post it.

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