My experience with JS goes back even before
AMT. She and I were members of a 
mailing list in the early '90s. She posted
like a demon to that, too. I commented
to her once that I was amazed at how
she found the time to post so much,
and she responded, "You have no idea."

A billion posts later, her Energizer
Bunny keeps going and going.

FFL has become a cesspool, just as
AMT did long ago.

My 2 cents. 

--- In, new.morning <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- In, "shempmcgurk" <shempmcgurk@> > 
> > If people don't want me here, just post that comment here on this 
> > thread and if enough people do so, I'll be happy to leave.
> Thats your perogative to take an all or nothing approach.  But, of
> course, my suggestion was that posters try to keep within 10% of total
> posts. Otherwise to take a voluntary "time out" -- to regroup and
> reduce the urge for their compulsive jag -- and to form new habits, or
> if they are too compulsive to do so, an auto-trigger to give them such
> a rest.
> My premise is that when thoughtful posters sees pages and pages of
> Spraig/Judy/Shemp posts, they just slap their forehead and go away.
> Massive compulsive, drivel-prone, anger-spewing, peak posters drive
> away thoughtful posters.
> I susggest the following: 
> * If over the next week, 10 people stand up and say they don't like
> this majority of (peak) posts by three posters, and ask to you to
> attempt to limit it to 10% each (aka "the kindely request"), then will
> you earnestly try to do so?  
> * Same for Judy and Sparaig -- and others as they may arise over time.
> * If you are unable to control your urges to 10% of posts, will you
> agree to "time-outs" aka temporary suspensions to allow you time to
> regroup?. Lets say one week for the first time, two weeks for the
> second and subsequent times.
> If you (Shemp), Judy and Sparaig agree to this (in the next day or
> so), I will agree to the following:
> If 10 people don't stand up a make "the kindly request", I will leave
> FFL. Thus illustrating that posters are driven away by a majority of
> posts by three people --  often drivel, anal-detailedness going
> nowhere, and ager vents, etc  IMO.
> I have participated regularly on FFL for four years. I no longer care
> to if I have to wade through such majority sludge as cited above. If
> nine others stand up make the "kindly request", then I think FFL can
> regain its health, vibrancy and friendly supportive environment of the
> past. 
> If not, i think the trend, 40% ===> 60% ====> ?, of posts by a few
> posters will continue as thoughtful posters drop out of the sludge,
> and the compulsive sludgers contine to jag on. 
> Thus: 
> I invite all posters to make the "the kindely request": 
> "I don't like the majority of FFL (peak) posts being made by only
> three posters, and kindly ask to them to attempt to limit it to 10% each.
> Separate from the above, I invite all posters to consider taking a
> "greener-pastures" pledge":
> If 
> i) Judy, Sparaig and Shemp agree to the earnestly try to each limit
> posts to 10% of total, if 10 people take make the "kindly request.  
> And if they are unable to do so , they agree to "time-outs" -- one
> week for the first time, two weeks for the second and subsequent
> times, and 
> ii) 10 FFL memebers as a whole don't support this initiative, that is,
> less than 10 make the "kindly request" within a week of i) occurring,
> then the member state their intention to move on to forums that are
> less clogged with posts by a small minority --- posts which often have
> a drivel, venting, or nonrespective content. 
> If several cycles of that doesn't work, I suggest that anyone can pull
> the stats and if someone is above 10% for a one-day or greater period,
> they are given a "time-out" for two weeks. Time-outs work for kids,
> and are hardly abusive. They help inform and provide feedback to
> people to help them "get a grip". For compulsive, rude, or obnoxious
> for whom repeated group consensus to "cool it' don't have an effect,
> then "time-outs" may be worth a try.
> I don't prefer the above time-outs. I prefer that 10 people stand up
> and say that they are sick of three people posting 50% or so of posts
> at peak times and ask them to please be become conscious of their
> effect of driving others away.
> Or we just start a new group, and don't give them the address. :)
> By the way, your stats are off.
> In Sept there have been 2841 posts. 130 by me. 4.5%. 6 a day.
> I like your idea of shooting for an average of 4. Some days, a bit
> more, some days a bit less.

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