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Summary: Review Request: vtk - The Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D 
visualization library

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Oops, thanks for noticing, fixed. Spec/packages are at

Spec URL:

[%{python_libdir} is something defined in ATrpms' buildsystem, and it slipped
into the package, sorry.]

I also fixed the pyo issue.

About cmake's versioned dependency: I didn't find the required version for cmake
for netcdf at first. Then I found it as well as a yet stricter requirement for
building all examples (2.0.4).

Since it isn't really a blocker for Fedora (there is no older cmake than 2.4.3
and some people even suggest not putting a versioned dependency at all in such
cases) and the rebuilds take a long time, the package + spec above don't have
this versioned dependency yet, but I'll put it in place in the next package
update, because apart from technical considerations at the very least this is
properly documenting a non-trivial dependency information.

Should -11 be the one that get's approved I'll upload a -12 package with this
trivial fix.

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