Thanks so much Nina and Hideyo for all of your help!!!

The vet was pleased with the results of Sebastian's blood work.  I still can not figure out what is causing the weakness in his hind legs.  He is falling all of the time now and he laid down in the litter box today when he was trying to use the bathroom.  I have checked on the b 12 methylycobalamin.  He is not diabetic.  Should I give it to him anyway to see if it will help?  Is there a maximum dose because I know that you can overdose on some vitamins?  Everyone just seems to think that the weakness is just becasue of the leukemia, but I refuse to believe that.  His blood work was good and I want to try every option to try and help his legs.  Has anyone seen similar problems in their positive kitties?  Sebastian was on a high dose of depo medrol for about a year and a half.  This may be the cause of the weakness.  I just need help.  I feel overwhelmed. 

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