It seems like it is one setback after another with Junior. He got his immuno
regulin shot and for now is done with that. He is being treated for the eye
infection. He hates that of course. He drooled terrible when I used the
Atropine sulfate in his eye. I think he licked some off. His vision must be
pretty bad right now he did seem disoriented. My big concern and of course
it is the weekend. He seems to be having bathroom issues. He went in several
times and I don't think he did anything. He also went in and cried out. He
came right back out. Later he went back and cried again, but he did urinate
a small amount. Could this be in response to his new meds. He proceeded to
drink water after the last episode. I have to work tomorrow(Sunday). I am
hoping this is minor. I really can't take him to the emergency clinic. Any
ideas what I can do in the mean time?




Sally Davis




Junior needs your help with his care fighting Feline Leukemia. Our story

please help us if you can

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