Thanks everyone for your suggestions. 


Junior peed this morning a good amount, so I knew that was not his problem
yesterday. I gave him pumpkin this morning and some probiotics last night.
He pooped tonight a small amount and no straining. It was sort of hard. That
is how Spikes poops are all the time. I feel like that was his problem. I
will continue the pumpkin until I am sure he is over his constipation. I
guess I will let him keep the litter box in my room as well. He still uses
the one in the utility room. 


He stopped grooming again. I think in part because of the constipation. He
also does not like the ointment I have to put in his eyes. I understand the
Atropine is very bitter. You can see him say YUCK! His eyes look inflamed,
but maybe not as swollen. It will take a few days to tell. It seems like you
fix one problem and then there is another problem.




Sally Davis



Junior needs your help with his care fighting Feline Leukemia. Our story

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