Yes, that is one reason I have not even tried  making
my own pet food yet. Even if I did, I would always
want to have a good quality dry food back up , just to
cover all the bases. I do leave dry food out for my
cats all day... If there were a good recipe, that
perhaps consisted of a few vegetables and rice , organ
meat, of this kind or that, that my cats would really
like, it would certainly make me  feel like I  were
doing a good thing for them. I have never felt that
comfortable about canned cat food. I guess that is why
I have just fed dry and figured out things for treats.
At times I have added different types of canned to
their diet for treats...Some they have liked and some
they have not...I have wasted a lot of food as my guys
are picky... Of course, after the pet food scare and
all the negative things people started saying about
our pet foods, I am even more creeped out. I do
appreciate the feedback I'm getting on tuna. I guess I
always thought the pure, human grade tuna was a better
deal...and at least it was tuna...not tuna guts or
worse, but I better realize there is a lot I need to
learn.  Thanks, Glenda
--- Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The only I will say about making your own cat food
> is that you really, 
> really, really need to know what you are doing, or
> you could cause a 
> nutrition deficit in your cat.
> I would just do LOTS of research, and talk to a vet
> that you trust.
> As far as Lysine, if you can give it to all of your
> cats, it can only help 
> boost their immune systems.
> It certainly wouldn't hurt.
> Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
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> in state,
>                                    Faithful Bast at
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> of soft applause,
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>                                              Trajan
> Tennent
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> From: "glenda Goodman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2007 1:50 PM
> Subject: Re: treats and supplement questions...
> Wendy, Thanks for getting back to me on this.
> I checked the other ingredients: Cellulose(plant
> origen), Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate. It
> looks like I'm safe...Well, it sure is nice being
> just
> a few clicks away from getting answers to my
> questions...
> I'll probably get my next bottle at the local health
> food store, but I think anything there, will be
> pretty
> equal to what I have?
> By the way, for anyone who has never bought Lysine,
> it
> is very inexpensive. I think this huge bottle was
> under $8.00. I can certainly afford to give it to
> all
> of my cats and I think I will, at least a few times
> per week.
> Eventually, I seriously want to start making my own
> cat food for them, if only as an additional food, to
> keep everyone healthy.
> It is so easy to just buy a bag of dry food, but I
> really do not think any commercial food could be
> better than a very carefully thought out homemade
> recipe.Does anyone here make their own cat food?
>  It is just a matter of finding the time, right? I'm
> also open to other supplements to boost Gracie's
> system...someone said vitamin C was good. I do not
> want to get too carried away and know I need to
> watch
> out to not over do it...
> Glenda
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