Ok, guys, here's the status.   I just called the vet's office,  they told me 
both Poppy and Grizzabella's tests came back positive today.   I guess what I 
need to do now is figure out what to do from here.  I did  ask about UT, and 
she just sort of side-stepped the question.  I also asked  what happened to Dr. 
Merryman, and the only thing she would tell me was "She's  not here anymore 
and I don't know what she's doing." So, needless to say, I  think I'm done with 
this vet's office.
I'm pretty sure I can get a referral to UT, so I guess that's the next  step, 
both of them are headed there as soon as I can get the referrals.  I  tried 
the echinacea and lysine supplements, but none of them have felt well  enough 
to eat since their vaccines yesterday, so I'll try it again when they're  
feeling better. If they don't take it.  I'm a bit upset right now, so I'm  
leave it at that guys, til I have a little time to calm down.  I'm  open to 
suggestions as to what I should do next.   


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