There is nothing I can say that has not been said. We
all feel so badly for you and your family. I'm just so
glad, that from the moment you got the first positive
test, you were up for the fight. I'm just sitting back
feeling so grateful there are such great , well
informed people here, that are very up to date on the
latest and best ways to deal with this disease.
The day I was told by my vet, a couple months ago,
that my cat's test came back positive, is the same day
I found these guys. I was on the computer about
10-hours that day, trying to learn everything I
could...looking for that little shred of hope...It is
an awful feeling. I venture to guess, the way I found
these guys, is the same way most of us found this
group, that one horrible day, when the bottom fell
out...but there is hope, in many different forms, as
you are learning...Bless your heart! Your little guys
are very lucky to have you in their corner! 
--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Ok, guys, here's the status.   I just called the
> vet's office,  they told me 
> both Poppy and Grizzabella's tests came back
> positive today.   I guess what I 
> need to do now is figure out what to do from here. 
> I did  ask about UT, and 
> she just sort of side-stepped the question.  I also
> asked  what happened to Dr. 
> Merryman, and the only thing she would tell me was
> "She's  not here anymore 
> and I don't know what she's doing." So, needless to
> say, I  think I'm done with 
> this vet's office.
> I'm pretty sure I can get a referral to UT, so I
> guess that's the next  step, 
> both of them are headed there as soon as I can get
> the referrals.  I  tried 
> the echinacea and lysine supplements, but none of
> them have felt well  enough 
> to eat since their vaccines yesterday, so I'll try
> it again when they're  
> feeling better. If they don't take it.  I'm a bit
> upset right now, so I'm  gonna 
> leave it at that guys, til I have a little time to
> calm down.  I'm  open to 
> suggestions as to what I should do next.   
> Michael
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