Hey guys.  Not sure what happened to my message...said something about  being 
held for moderator approval.  Anyway, I'm resending.
Hey guys.  I just got back from UT CVM with Poppy and Bella, and I  promised 
an update.  As for their health, they're doing fine really, no  symptoms 
still, eating well, taking the missing link and lysine supplements with  no 
problems.  The entire visit at UT took about 2.5 hours, but a lot of  that was 
waiting.  First, a fourth year student called us back and  done a physical exam 
and initial consultation.  She then sent us back to  the waiting room and 
took the info back to the clinician and an intern.   About 20 minutes later she 
comes back and gets me and girls, and the intern is  waiting for us in the exam 
room.  They called my local vet, who apparently  had NOT done an IFA test, 
which kinda upsets me.  I've really tried to like  that vet for the simple fact 
that they have emergency service available and  they're a block from my house, 
but it looks like I'm going to have to start  looking for another local vet.  
Anyway, an IFA had not been done, so they  took the girls to the back and 
drew blood for the IFA.  They also asked if  I wanted a CBC, Chem Panel, 
Urinalysis and Hepatic Function panels done, which  would have costed another 
$300 :(  
The vet was very understanding, and said  she honestly could go either way, 
that it was my choice, but it might be  pointless to draw the blood now and 
then have to do it again if they get sick,  so we decided to wait on the 
bloodwork and do another SNAP test (which she will  call or email the results 
those to me today) and the IFA will be back next  week.  Here's to hoping the 
*real* IFA is negative.
They were all honest at the hospital.  The fourth year student told me  this 
was her first case of Feline Leukemia, and the Intern said they didn't see  
very many of them at the hospital, but they're going to do research on current  
treatments and get back with both me and my local vet regarding a treatment  
plan.  She said FeLV is manageable, and sometimes cats live many years with  
it.  She seemed very optimistic, which made me feel a little better.   Not sure 
how I feel about their utter lack of experience with FeLV, but I can't  expect 
anyone to be perfect.  We're going to wait on the lab results to get  a real 
"positive" and go from there.  She said they may have us come back  if the 
tests are positive to do the bloodwork and try to type/stage the  disease.  She 
said for now the best thing to do is continue doing what I am  since they 
appear healthy and are symptomatic.  She recommended waiting on  the antivirals 
until they're symptomatic, but again said this was a matter of  personal 
preference.  I'm waiting on the recommendations they're supposed  to email me 
now, so 
we'll see how it goes from there.  Overall, I'm having  mixed feelings about 
the visit.  I'm certainly glad I took them, and I'd  probably do it again, I 
guess I was just hoping for a plan today.    The total bill was $316 for the 
exam, research, and SNAP/IFA tests for both  cats.  I must say, the intern, Dr. 
Emily Purvis, was very compassionate. As  a matter of fact, she paged the front 
and came back up there before I left and  saved me $80.  She said the 
research she was going to do would be the same  for both cats, so she didn't 
comfortable charging me twice (which saved me  $80.  A "research" visit costs 
$115, versus $35 for a regular visit).   I appreciated her concern.  The cost 
broke down like this:

Research  visit $115
Office visit      $35
SNAP/IFAx2  $166
I'll be sure to let you all know what they say when they email their  
treatment plans/recommendations next week.

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