My three kittens are status-quo.  I started them on a probiotic made by Eagle 
Brand on Tues. evening, so they've had a day and a half of that and we're still 
having diarrhea/soft stools/cow pies (and stinky!).  I don't know how long it 
takes the probiotic to work though?  I have talked to the volunteer of the 
Adoption group- who originally had these kittens and whom I needed to obtain 
approval from before taking in a stool sample.  She said she doubts it's 
coccidia or girardia because she thinks it would have shown up earlier because 
she had them at her house for a while before I took them in.  Their exposure at 
my house is minimal to non-existent, unlike at hers where she has I don't know 
how many cats (20-30?)- and older ones with chronic damage from URI's and god 
knows what else and she lets them all mingle freely and share food and litter- 
tiny orphaned kittens straight from Animal Control with adult cats?is why I 
ended up with them).  All I have is my one year old Izzee and Izzee has free 
reign of the house, while the kittens are crated.  They do not use Izzee's 
litter box or eat her food and vice versa.  They do not go outside, although I 
do have a screened in, concrete and brick front porch they play on when they 
get play time.
So, I still don't really know what's going on?  I decided to give it more time. 
 The adoption agency is dropping off another probiotic that they use and I will 
try that one tonight.  
Yoda- who seems to have to worst of the diarrhea, this a.m., he seemed to have 
gone again, but when I checked the litter box, for the first time, his stool 
was really runny and much less stool than it was a mucousy substance.  There 
wasn't a lot of it, but that kind of worried me because it's "new."  I did get 
approval to drop off one stool sample for analysis at the vet's if the diarrhea 
continues (I will take Yoda's since he has his own crate and seems to be a 
little worse), so at least I can do that tomorrow morning if it's still 
Otherwise, they are their usual maniac-selves-- eating and playing machines!  
But now they are really stinking up my house so I have got to beat this 
diarrhea!  We are moving in with my mom in a little over a week (long story- 
mostly to help her out for a year with paying her mortgage and getting her 
house into shape so we can move her to a smaller place now that she's turning 
65) and she is not going to be happy about the stinky poo!
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