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> My three kittens are status-quo.  I started them on a probiotic made by
> Eagle Brand on Tues. evening, so they've had a day and a half of that and
> we're still having diarrhea/soft stools/cow pies (and stinky!).  I don't
> know how long it takes the probiotic to work though?  I have talked to the
> volunteer of the Adoption group- who originally had these kittens and whom I
> needed to obtain approval from before taking in a stool sample.  She said
> she doubts it's coccidia or girardia because she thinks it would have shown
> up earlier because she had them at her house for a while before I took them
> in.

That isn't necessarily true.  Coccidia is so very common in kittens,
and I have sent kittens to a "clean" environment (no other cats at all
- they are the only cat) and had them come down with coccidia after
they had been there a month.

In fact, coccidia is so common that every time I have taken a kitten
in for a fecal, they have prescribed Albon even if the stool sample
doesn't show any (it can be hard to detect).

You need to get approval??   Before taking a kitten in for a fecal?

It isn't uncommon for rescuers to have 20 or 30 (or more) cats in
their houses, by the way.  They kill close to 70% of the cats that
come in to our local kill shelter.
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