I don't know.  I was floored recently to get two totally different reads on 
Bob's cbc's when I took him to a new vet.
  You might try going for a second opinion.
  My 'old' vet said cbc looked fine.  My 'new' vet said the values showed the 
beginnings of crf and wants to start fluids and medications.
  I know it's expensive, but I was really floored at the different diagnoses I 
received within 2 weeks on the same cat and same symptoms.

Lance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Ember went to the vet today for a CBC. We go roughly every three 
months. For the last eight or nine months, Ember has been losing 
weight. This particular problem started around last Christmas, when 
Ember developed diarrhea, and I had no idea of how to get rid of it. 
Pumpkin helped a little, but I was reluctant to try anything else, 
especially since it really didn't seem to be an infection. I decided 
to take Ember off of Innova EVO dry, and the diarrhea almost promptly 
went away.

Since then, Ember has been dropping weight. She's lost about 1.8 
pounds since that time until today, when she weighed 9.5 pounds. Now, 
this might be my fault. I hope it is, as that would be the easiest 
thing to fix. I've only been giving her a can of EVO a day for most 
of the time, and that might not be enough. In the last few weeks, 
I've also given her two cans of Sheba a week as treats.

Ember's CBC was normal, which, in her case, means good red blood cell 
count, and just below normal white blood cell count. The vet doesn't 
think that this is thyroid-related, but I might have her run that 
test on Ember in a few weeks.

Ember eats well (especially the Sheba). She is playful and loving as 
always. Should I try a brand new bag of EVO dry to see what adding 
that back might do? I would add that *very slowly*. Would it be okay 
for me to bump up Sheba, and has anyone fed much Sheba? The vet 
wanted Ember to come back in to be weighed in a few weeks, but I'd 
rather do that at home. Is there a postal or baby scale with which 
anyone here has had good results?

Thank you,


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