I don't think Giardia has a specific odor like coccidia, etc....  It's more 
like a nuisance diarrhea that's not that bad,  but just won't go away.

laurieskatz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          I don't remember Giardia odor but think it's from drinking dirty 
water. Treatable...I think with antibiotics. I don't recall vets finding it in 
a stool sample...just that we've treated cats with diarrhea for it. 
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kelley, remind me on giardia--is that one that isn't easy to find (ie, isn't in 
every sample?) i know that's the case with coccidia...... so far (keeping lots 
and lots of paws crossed), i've never had giardia, so i don't know it's smell, 
but once you've had coccidia in your house, you never forget it..... you know 
on csi and similar programs, they can tell the illness/problem just from the 
smell? coccidia is like that..... tri-trich has a different aroma all its own. 


  On 9/28/07, Caroline Kaufmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:     
I think they are June babies, but don't know the dates for sure because I don't 
have their records with me and I don't think they are from the same litter.  
They all weigh over 2 lbs now.  Yoda shot up from 2.4 at Labor Day when I took 
him in to 3.6 last Saturday when I weighed him.  The two grey ones are smaller, 
but I need to reweigh them because adoption day was so crazy last Sat., I 
didn't get a chance to write down their weights.  I ended up with one long 
haired grey one because it wouldn't gain weight and couldn't get fixed yet 
because it didn't weigh 2 lbs.  The volunteer who had it before me was syringe 
feeding it?  But when I got it, it immediately ate crunchies first?  So I 
started mixing wet and dry with that cat and it will eat both now fine.  The 
cat did not need to be syringe fed.  I  weighed it last Saturday and I think 
it's 2.4  This is my smallest one, but it's clearly gained weight since I have 
had it (we think it's a boy, but it's so hard to tell when
 they are tiny and have long hair!).  It's getting more longer than fatter so 
the cat is really funny-looking now because it has this long, lean skinny 
mid-section and this big head that looks like it would tip it over!  As opposed 
to Yoda who gets a fat snake belly everytime he eats and who has a tiny head!  
They are not dripping diarrhea though.  As of yesterday, the diarrhea was a 
little worse tho in all of them- more watery, less cow pie-like.  
We are doing a stool sample today.  My mom is off work so she is going to pick 
up a Yoda stool sample and take that in.  Hopefully, we will have some answers 
soon.  The smelly poo is driving me crazy!

  Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 01:48:07 -0700
Subject: Re: Kitten Update
To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org   

  In my experience though, coccidia gets really bad, really fast. i.e. the 
kittens are basically dripping diarrhea....They get it on their rear ends and 
back legs and have to be bathed frequently, etc....They don't make it to the 
litterbox.   That's what has been my experience with coccidia.  Kittens are 
often born with coccidia as well.  When you've dealt with it you can usually 
tell from the smell. ugh. 
  With soft stools a lot of times it's giardia.  I think a fecal is a good 
idea, but if the stools are not as I described above, or if nothing shows up, I 
don't think I'd add another med. at this time.
  Lots of kittens just have loose stools due to changes in diet, additives, 
stress, etc....  Are they still hydrated? losing weight?  I had one kitten we 
put through the ringer trying to diagnose his loose stools, and we finally just 
left him alone and they cleared up.  I think it was all the medicine we were 
giving him.  How old are the kittens again? 

Kelley Saveika <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  On 9/27/07, Caroline Kaufmann wrote:
> My three kittens are status-quo. I started them on a probiotic made by
> Eagle Brand on Tues. evening, so they've had a day and a half of that and 
> we're still having diarrhea/soft stools/cow pies (and stinky!). I don't
> know how long it takes the probiotic to work though? I have talked to the
> volunteer of the Adoption group- who originally had these kittens and whom I 
> needed to obtain approval from before taking in a stool sample. She said
> she doubts it's coccidia or girardia because she thinks it would have shown
> up earlier because she had them at her house for a while before I took them 
> in.

That isn't necessarily true. Coccidia is so very common in kittens,
and I have sent kittens to a "clean" environment (no other cats at all
- they are the only cat) and had them come down with coccidia after 
they had been there a month.

In fact, coccidia is so common that every time I have taken a kitten
in for a fecal, they have prescribed Albon even if the stool sample
doesn't show any (it can be hard to detect). 

You need to get approval?? Before taking a kitten in for a fecal?

It isn't uncommon for rescuers to have 20 or 30 (or more) cats in
their houses, by the way. They kill close to 70% of the cats that
come in to our local kill shelter.
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