TAKE HER!  I was feeding my Romeo for 2 years before I brought him inside.
I did so only because the temperature was going to below zero and the creeps
whose house he lived under boarded up his access so he had no shelter.  It
took a few weeks of him in a large kennel in my bedroom propped up on some
boxes.  Initially, I put his box and his food dish in there & covered all
but two sides with a sheet.  Then I started leaving the door to the kennel
open and putting his food on the floor just below.  Then I brought him to
the bathroom around the corner in the kennel to show him where I was moving
the litter box to.  He started eating/going to the box only when nobody was
in the room or at night when he thought I was asleep.  But sure enough, one
day he went out while I was in the room on my computer and jumped on the bed
he’d been eying!  Sure enough, that did it.  Once he found the creature
comforts there was no turning back!  He rarely sits at the window or tries
to go out—sort of looks at the other guys like they’re nuts for wanting to
go out!  He is the absolutely most affectionate cat I’ve ever had.  BUT, the
one thing I still can’t do is actually pick him up.  He’ll sit on my lap (or
on my chest when I try to sleep!) but squirms out real fast if I try to pick
him up.  Vet visits & crating are real tough so I have to keep that to an
absolute miminum


Sooo, this little one has already staked you out as hers!  I say take her;
keep her in a big wire cage with some increasing freedoms and watch her
become a big mush!


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This is my final question I promise.  But it's been looming over my head for
a long time now and it's really distressing me.  I know I have told you all
that my street has neighborhood 24/7 outdoor cats that technically belong to
a lady a few houses up from me.  But all the neighbors kind of look after
them and some feed/keep water out.  The lady who brought them to the street
"rescued" them from her sister- whom she said wasn't taking care of them-
the sister had not spayed/neutered.  She got connected with one of the local
agencies and had them all fixed for a discount (she is low income).  She
already has five indoor cats so these cats became outdoor cats.  Almost all
of them have clipped ears (except one) that show they have been fixed.  Some
of them started out as indoor/outdoor and then I guess found they liked
being like colony cats better so they pretty much stay out year round.  She
has a front porch where she has boxes set up for them in the winter, etc.
They are all male, except for one.    
I started feeding them too myself when I moved to the street over a year ago
because I didn't know the situation- were they homeless, etc.?  I finally
got the whole story.  There is one, a little girl who I call, "Lil Girl" who
pretty much has re-transplanted herself to my property.  I treated her for
tapeworms and I have been giving her Advantage thru the summer.  I was
worried about her being so small, even tho she's about 5 yo, so I kept
feeding her quality food to beef her up, even after determining her sort-of
home situation.  But now she is a permanent resident pretty much at my front
door.  She is there every morning waiting for me and in the evening. It so
sad because I do not own my house and my landlord needs his house back and I
am moving the weekend after next.  I don't know what to do?  The other
outdoor cats who I feed are just occasional visitors-- they will be fine
without me and I will have a talk with all the neighbors about calling me if
something happens and I was going to leave a couple bags of expensive,
quality food with the lady up the street to feed them, etc.  I know I will
stop by a lot to check on them because I am very tied to the neighborhood by
exercise classes I attend, etc.  But I am really upset about the Lil Girl.
I can't tell if she just hangs out with me and at my house JUST BECAUSE I
feed her and she likes my food better or because she likes me?  I worry
about the effect of my leaving on her?  She'll be waiting for me the next
morning and I won't show?  My landlord is allergic to cats and I doubt he
will be feeding them (I have to have a talk with him about at least being
nice to them tho and letting him know they will be at the door for a while
until they "figure it out."  He's young and a hippy/nature person, so he
will be cool about it, he just won't be the cat-person that I was).  But
everytime I think about Lil Girl, I just want to cry.  She's beautiful, but
she's a top banana- she's runs roughshod over the much larger outdoor boy
cats- three and 4 times her size!  It's already going to be crazy enough at
my mom's house trying to integrate my declawed Izzee with my mom's hissing,
scratching Tally, my mom's new Humane Society dog who doesn't like
Tally/cats and is still trying to kill Tally (they are working on it) and
then my three crated foster kitties!  Ironically, I think the foster kitties
will have the smoothest transition!  They don't ask for much!  My mom and I
have gone round and round about what to do about Lil Girl b/c my mom likes
her too and worries about her.  Before I got the foster kittens, I thought
about taking her with me.  I'm pretty sure the lady up the street would let
me have her b/c that would be one less mouth....but I don't know if Lil Girl
could become a house cat?  Would she be happy, or is there some colony-cat
psychology that I would be interfering with?  I fear she would kill Izzee
and Tally given the chance-- or at least beat them up.  Lil Girl is not
feral tho- I can pick her up and hold her- tho it's not her fave thing.  She
seems to just "perfer" to be outside, so it's like she's somewhere in
between, so she presents such a problem for me!?
I just don't know what to do?  I need advice!  Reassurance?


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