Marie, this is all new to me, but according to my vet, cats with feline 
leukemia do not get the same vaccinations as healthy cats, so it may very well 
have been what hastened your cat's demise.  I'm not even going to have him 
vaccinated for anything at this point.  

Personally if an animal is strictly an indoor cat, I'm not sure they're all 
that necessary, but in your case, I would hold off for a longer time.

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  I haven't been posting in a while. A year ago, I had a cat who died within 
several weeks of being dx with feline leukemia. Other than ocassionally 
sneezing, Cakooie seemed like a healthy kitty. He was my first cat, so there 
was a lot i didn't know about feline dieases. But he ate well and was playful. 
Then three weeks after he had his vaccinations, he went down quickly. 

  His sister, Chica, has tested negative twice within 90 d ays. I think she 
will be okay. It's time to have her vaccinations again, and I'm just scared 
because of what happened to my other cat. I know the vaccinations didn't cause 
him to get leukemia. I think they did make him worse. He was vaccinated for 
rabies and distemper. 

  Chica is an indoor cat, so I don't know what vaccinations she really needs. 
Rabies is required. She probably should get a booster for distemper. 

  Do you think after two negative tests and a good checkup that it is safe to 
assume she's felv free? Are vaccinations generally safe? 

  Thanks for your input. 


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