Dear Lynne

I have to say that I absorbed much of the encouragement that was meant for
you in those emails for myself! I have recently also joined this list
looking for hope against FeLV and everytime someone else joins I am further
Diet does seem to make  a difference in all the reading that I have done it
mentions the highest possible quality high protein diet. Well, I'm a firm
believer in the Prey Model Diet (otherwise known as Raw feeding or BARF) as
it fully suits those qualifications. Since BooBoo is already more interested
in human food - tuna/salmon, now might be a good time to try to transition
him to Raw. It's a process but some cats take to it better than others.
Someone else mentioned Raw feeding - there are many really wonderful
websites like:
that have all the information needed to get started in Raw Feeding.  Our
Athena is entirely raw fed , whole prey (we use Rodent basically
initially by her own doing. Time will tell (as much as it really can with
this situation) as far as how beneficial the raw feeding is for them but I
really think that overall (even if she weren't "sick") there would never be
any better food plan.
Anyway - off my soap box but think about it.....

Good luck and warm wishes....:)

Beth Gouldin
RIP Orion (to FELV)
Good Luck Athena (FELV +)

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