I'm sorry the doxy is so hard to administer, I wouldn't worry about the injections though, just get a small needle, insulin size, I get them from my local pharmacy. I give all my guys a vitamin b once a week and none notice the needle at all, some do notice the vit b going in because I guess it can sting a bit, but even then they don't mind much, just a grouch from them but by the time they grouch at me it's over. Injections for me anyway, are the easiest way to go, if anything comes as an injectable that is my first choice, pills second. None of my guys like liquids and they aren't fooled by pill pockets.

I have learned to give pills because Fred my CRF guy gets them 5 times a day and it wasn't easy at first. I finally took a deep breathe pictured in my head how the vet does and and I now do it the same way. Grab his jaw on both sides with my thumb and forefinger while my palm is across the top part of his head, then use the forefinger of my other hand to pull the bottom jaw down, put the pill as far back as I can and he usually swallows. Once you get the hang of it it is really easy to do, I always make sure he eats a few bites after and if he won't I give him a squirt of water. Here is a video that may help.


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