Hi Tonya,
Fred gets, *Nutrived* which is a liquid for his slight anemia, he gets a potassium supplement (*potassium gluconate powder* that I put in capsules, he gets 4 a day) and he gets *phosphorus binders* because his phosphorus was too high, we've got it down again and he gets *Marrow Plus* (this is for anemia and energy, not sure if this is really doing much, his HCT has stayed at 28%, just low for months so it may be helping) and *amlodipine* and *benazipril* for high blood pressure. He just had his last blood work a week ago and all his number were very good, there has been a big improvement. We started him on benazapril in addition to his amlodipine for high blood pressure and his numbers shot up. They are almost normal again and benazapril is known to make the numbers go higher initially when started. He's also been on an antibiotics and eye goop for a urinary tract infection and conguntivitis in his eye this last week. I took him in last week because I could tell he wasn't feeling well. We go in this morning to check on those two things and recheck his blood pressure, forgot last week.

My vet is thrilled that his numbers have come down so much. He also gets 150ml of fluid daily. Fred gets pills 5 or 6 times a day and we have it down to a routine now, he is pretty good about it. He doesn't love it but he knows it is going to happen so he just lets me do it, I think he realizes he feels better too, especially after his fluids.

Do you have blood work you can send me for your possible CRF kitty?


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