You aren't imaging anything. When the Royal Princess Kitty Katt was pissed off at me she would slap me around, march to the foot of the bed, perch like a hen, thin about it then march right back up to me and slap me around again. When Ebony Thomas Katt was learning social skills and becoming an indoor cat I gently smacked his nose when he snarled at me too many times (mother-cat style). When I left for school (he was well provided for) and came back on the first weekend, he got in my lap and snacked my nose twice--just to make sure I understood he was doing it intentionally. I could go on for a week. They have expressions and they behave intentionally. Ebony let me know when it was ok for a nephew to pet him and when it wasn't; Dixie lets me know when it is time for various things (take cover from storms, feed Hunter or PC--ferals who live at two different houses, check on whatever is on the porch etc/). Mom's ferals let her know when they are hungry, when there is a dog or fox around. I can keep on going but you get the idea.
On Feb 18, 2008, at 8:53 AM, MacKenzie, Kerry N. wrote:

I'm just wondering, what do y'all think--do we imagine facial expressions on our cats -- and put our own interpretation on them -- or do they actually reflect a real mood?! Lynne's mention of BooBoo scowling makes me think of one of my ferals who I swear looks, in turn, frequently pissed off at me (when I won't let him mix without supervision -- he sprays), guilty (when he gets the better of me, and sprays), and disdainful (when I bring one of my tame cats to see him and his Buddy). One of my tame cats, Katyis, also has a marvellous "indignant" expression that he pulls on me following (to my mind) imagined slights.
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] ] On Behalf Of Lynne
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Subject: Re: breathing difficulties

No, he didn't aspirate. I gave the water immediately after the doxy so I don't know which caused it. I think he was hyperventilating. I stayed with him til he calmed down and went to sleep, and honestly I'm afraid to go upstairs. I'm sure he does sense my anxiety. He does not like to be held or confined in any manner. What bugs me though is when we go to the vet, the vet can do anything to him, give him pills, take his temp and BooBoo will just go limp, won't argue, fight, nothing, just scowel.

Better go upstairs and make sure he's just sleeping.

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Subject: Re: breathing difficulties

Did he aspirate? Was the problem after the water or after the doxy? Maybe the water isn't working with him. I would call the vet and ask about this. Our vet told us we had to give the doxy directly (not mixed in food). Midas hated it too.

It's really important thing is for YOU to be calm before you give him the meds and don't think about it before you actually do it. This is how I got Frankie, a formerly feral kitten, to take inhaled meds. I had to calm my own mind. I also think they can sense if we are going to give them a med so I didn't think about it before I sat down to do it. It did help. Our cats sense our "mood"...I hope this makes sense. I just got up.
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From: Lynne
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Subject: breathing difficulties

I had a frightening event with BooBoo this morning. He hates being given this Doxy and fights me. I gave him some water via syringe after it as well. Suddenly he started gasping for air, breathing through his mouth for about 10 minutes. He is anemic and breathes heavily under normal circumstances. I can't imagine what kind of stress the Interferon shots are going to cause him. Should I try mixing this Doxy with his wet food? It's doubtful he would get the appropriate dosage if I did because he is a light eater. I'm beginning to think that I'm fighting a losing battle here and perhaps it would be best to just let nature take its course without intervention. I hate this. One minute he seems perky and now he's just exhausted. I spent the time with him while he was having problems breathing comforting him, just to get him settled down and even his purring was excessively loud. I don't know how much more this little guy can tolerate.

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