I can understand how dissapointed you must feel that Athena re-tested positive. 
 I was so bummed when Buzz tested positive.  He will re-test in April and I am 
afraid I am just hopeing too much for him to test negative, if the outcome is 
not what I am praying for it will really be hard.  I have five other cats and 
he is living in a room all by himself. He hates being shut away from all that 
is going on in the rest of the house but the risk to the others is just too 
great.  I agree with you about not getting another one.  It just seems like it 
could become a viscous cycle.  What do you do if you lose one, keep 
"replaceing" them?  It is all so heartbreaking.  So my Buzz will live out his 
life in a room away from the others unless he receives the miracle of a 
negative test.  He is treated like a king in that room, though.  I just got him 
a cat condo this past weekend and he LOVES it.  I also spend as much time as I 
can with him.  At first I was even trying to find another home for him but I 
really can't imagine ever giving him up.  He is such a great cat, but if a 
situation ever came up where he would have a really great home, I would let him 
go for his happieness.  Good luck to you no matter what you decide to do.

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Hi all
So Athena just re-tested on ELISA a weak positive. This is 9 weeks from the
first testing that we did when we lost Orion to FeLV.  I guess I'm just
disheartened... I had REALLY hoped (for her sake) that she would be negative
- she seems so major problems or anything... and we really
wanted to get another cat for a companion for her.  My husband and I have
talked and we just can't bring closure to ourselves to intentionally get
another FeLV + cat... which means pretty much she's gonna stay a single cat.

I don't know, in my mind it just seems that it would be a perpetually bleak
cycle (and I know that it's not true simply because of the joy they
bring..but this is my bummed out- ness coming through) to have 'sick' cats
that can just die any time.
Do any of you have experiences bringing in another cat?  Do you always elect
to get another FeLV +? How do kittens generally fare? Our vet suggested
bringing in a FeLV negative vaccinated adult...but I don't want even the
SLIGHTEST risk of exposing another cat to this.
Any feedback would help me out...I'm so frustrated with this whole thing.
Thanks for listening :}

Beth Gouldin

God Bless!!!

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