Beth, I can understand how frustrated and disheartened you are but I would 
agree about bringing in another vaccinated adult cat if any.  My Lennie has 
lived a single life for 19 years and when we discovered Boo had Felv we weren't 
concerned because they did not want anything to do with each other.  Until Boo 
came along, we never had more than one cat and he likes having us all to 
ourselves.  I honestly don't think they care about companions all that much if 
you give them all the attention.  If you really think Athena needs a friend 
then the vaccinated adult would probably be the best bet.  I am still so 
heartbroken at this point I could not put myself through what I just went 
through with losing BooBoo again, not this soon anyway.  But that may change.  
If I were to be offered a vet checked cat that tested positive and was really 
healthy, not like my baby, I would probably consider taking it if I knew no one 
else would.  In my case it was the horrible shock of not knowing anything about 
this disease until it was far too late.  I still have hope for these cats.

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  I've bought in both.  And never had any transfer of the virus.  I think the 
important thing is to bring in another vaccinated adult, or healthy positive 

  Beth Gouldin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
    Hi all
    So Athena just re-tested on ELISA a weak positive. This is 9 weeks from the 
first testing that we did when we lost Orion to FeLV.&nbs p; I guess I'm just 
disheartened... I had REALLY hoped (for her sake) that she would be negative - 
she seems so major problems or anything... and we really wanted to 
get another cat for a companion for her.  My husband and I have talked and we 
just can't bring closure to ourselves to intentionally get another FeLV + 
cat... which means pretty much she's gonna stay a single cat. 
    I don't know, in my mind it just seems that it would be a perpetually bleak 
cycle (and I know that it's not true simply because of the joy they bring..but 
this is my bummed out- ness coming through) to have 'sick' cats that can just 
die any time.   
    Do any of you have experiences bringing in another cat?  Do you always 
elect to get another FeLV +? How do kittens generally fare? Our vet suggested 
bringing in a FeLV negative vaccinated adult...but I don't want even the 
SLIGHTEST risk of exposing another cat to this.  
    Any feedback would help me out... I'm so frustrated with this whole thing.
    Thanks for listening :}

    Beth Gouldin

    God Bless!!! 

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