I am not sure about the ratio question--since I mix it with canned food.  
However, I purchase it at Whole Foods--but have seen it at most regular drug 
stores, too.
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  Hi -- Could you give me a ratio of how much l-lysine added to how much water? 
And is it readily available in powdered form, and from where? Thank you so 


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  l-lysine is a wondrous thing. tricks the herpes virus into not replicating, 
for some still-to-be-determined reasons. there is ongoing research to find out 
how and why, and the EXACT dosage to use in cats; many multi-cat facilities use 
is prophylatically (um, haven't had caffeine yet, is that spelled 
correctly?)--it's quite inexpensive when bought in the powdered form and we 
just added it to the water at the sanctuary. we saw a marked difference in both 
eye problems and the snifflies. one of the california vet associations years 
back said that all cats should be on it; and it's about the only thing i've 
ever come across that MDs, DOs, DVMs, and holistic practitioners all agree 

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    I just assume if cats have been in a shelter or rescue, that they've been 
exposed to Herpes, and of course have had quite a few.  I use Lysine orally - I 
start out with 500 mg(powder mixed with small amt of water) via syringe twice a 
day.  And of course clean the eyes.  If they have Herpes, it starts showing 
improvement within a few days, in my experience.  At some point I cut back to 
250 MG twice daily, and eventually stop.  Lysine is what's used on humans who 
have Herpes mouth sores (but think that's a different strain of Herpes). 

    I know some folks in the past, on this list, have used interferon alpha.  
Some have put it directly in the eyes, although I've never used it that way.

    My understanding is that once the stress is reduced and they start getting 
healthy, they seem to  do fine.  It's not nearly what FELV is.  I'd certainly 
encourage you to go for it.  


    On Mar 8, 2008, at 2:53 PM, Lynne wrote:

      Could any of you give me some first hand info and experience with the 
herpes virus in cats.  There is this young cat I saw a picture of who is in a 
rescue shelter at the moment . The poor little thing was a total wreck when 
this woman took her in and she is now in the process of getting her eyes 
cleaned up.  They look a whole lot better than they did before this woman got 
hold of her.  Apparently the vet who is taking care of the cat said her eyes 
would have to be cleaned at least twice a day and when and if she has flareups 
the appropriate treatment will have to be given.  She is being spayed very 
shortly and is going to be up for adoption fairly soon.  I said I would take 
her probably because she reminded me a lot of BooBoo.  She's all white and from 
the picture looks like she may have persian in her.  She has that same flat 
little face that Boo did.  Would I be getting myself into something like I just 
went through with Boo or is there more hope for these animals. This kitty has 
tested negative for feline leukemia.  I haven't even told my husband yet.  I 
just blurted out that I would take her.  I don't even know if I'll be chosen 



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