Good for you Lynne.  Congratulations!

Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          I got the email I've been waiting for today.  I have been trying to 
adopt this adorable little rescued cat, persian, for a couple weeks now.  I 
have missed BooBoo so much and have been through such emotional garbage with 
the previous owners of him that I just need another cat to give a good life to. 
 This cat was rescued from a horrible person who had a pet shop in town.  The 
humane society and SPCA went in and seized his animals and the City took his 
business licence away.  This cat, (Snowball) was so sick, eyes swollen shut 
from infection, URI and it has taken the foster woman a month to get her well.  
She got final approval from the vet to be let go, has got her shots updated and 
that's that.  She had been disgnosed with herpes.  I know, I'm getting myself 
into another potential situation here, but at least I know what I have to deal 
with if an outbreak occurs.  The vet was going to have her spayed before 
releasing her but I convinced him that I would do it in
 the near future once she has settled down in her new home.  I wish I had never 
had BooBoo neutered so quickly after getting him.  I truly believe it triggered 
his rapid downfall.  
  Anyway, I now have the foster mom's personal email and we are going to start 
the process of her coming to me.  I am just so happy to be able to look after 
another little lost soul.

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