Kathy, I'm so very sorry for you.  Knowing what I know now, rather than let her 
suffer or have to struggle to breathe, I would take the most humane approach 
and have the vet give her a sedative via catheter and euthanize.  I'm sorry to 
sound hopeless, but we know that at this stage hope just doesn't work.  If they 
have given her only 24 to 48 hours and her blood count is very low, there is 
really nothing that can reverse this.  I didn't make it to the transfusion 
either with our little guy.  He was dehydrated and I was finally made to 
realize that his time had come to go.  

I really am so so sorry for what you are going through.  It's just so painful.

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  We took our kitten  Foxy to the vet and she only has about 24-48 hours to 
live.The leukemia has taken over and her blood count is very very low. We are 
heart sick but want to do what is best for her and I dont want to prolong her 
suffering. The vet said we have done a good job keeping her healthy. They gave 
her a water shot for deydration and a perscription for oxygen. I have never had 
any experience with this and would like to know other members thoughts on this. 
Should we get the oxygen for her? They said she would probably not survive a 
blood transfusion. Any advice would be appreciated.


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