Hi Sue, Our Saffron kitty was a HUGE washer and lover of everyone. He slept 
with four in a kitty bed and they'd sneeze on him and everything. And I 
wouldn't say that he had the greatest immune system in the world either. I do 
believe that many cats simply build up resistance to the FeLV virus and are 
more immune to it. Saffron washed everyone and they washed him. We miss him. He 
had several ear surgeries for polyps but he lived to be over 19. Carmen

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Hi,Carmen.  It's good to hear of the success stories.  My other cats chase each 
other a lot but I don't think they do much biting.  Charllie is the loveable 
one who thinks it is his job to wash everybody, though.  He is the one I am 
most worried about.

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Hi Sue, Glad to hear you are letting Buzz out into the general population. We 
have had good success with mixing our FeLV kits with non positive cats. We have 
had 4 different felines who lived in close association with the other felines 
and they did NOT have a FeLV vaccination either. They never got it. One lived 
with the FeLV's for over 3 years and then we moved him to another home. Another 
lived to be very old. They never fought, or bit, so never got it and the FeLV 
virus dies pretty quickly if a cat sneezes, etc..We put interferon in the water 
daily to boost all of them, but we have had a good success rate for mixing. And 
Buzz will be happier I am sure. Carmen (mostly a lurker, but have posted a few 
times)! Have a great day.> Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 08:39:13 -0400> From: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]> To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org> Subject: Buzz emancipated> > 
Hello, everyone,> This coming Friday the last of my 5 FeLV- cats will get his 
booster. Then I will wait the appropriate amount of time and release Buzz from 
his prison room into the general population. I am scared to death. I would 
rather continue to keep them seperate but Buzz is crazy to escape his room 
every time we open the door and the time I spend behind the closed door with 
him is taking away from my family, not to mention the other cats. My question 
is this; is there anything anyone knows of besides the vaccinations that I can 
do for my other cats that may help to protect them? They are all being fed the 
Wellness canned food. Buzz will soon be getting a vitamin suppliment that is 
supposed to boost the immune systems of FeLV+ cats that my vet found, but I 
doubt if it does anything to stop the virus from shedding. Any advise would be 
appreciated.> Thanks,> Sue> 

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