I'm new to the group, but have known the sorrow of losing a dear feline friend. 
 You have my sincere sympathy in your loss of Inky.  All cats are special, but 
some are true soul friends.  I think that your soul friend, Inky, will let you 
know when it is time to bring another kitty into your heart and home by sending 
you another little soul friend to love.

Another Sally

Kerry Roach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Thank you all so much for all the kind 
words and all the words of wisdom over the last few years..I know there must 
have been a big party at the bridge.  Inky was met by his mom, sister and all 
his other relatives that I had over the last 15 yrs. He was the last of 10 from 
3 different litters..
 MC, you couldn't have put it any better to me..Also, Gloria, Belinda and 
Kerry...each of your words will help me in many ways.  I do have more 
kitties...most of which are all young.  It's just that Inky was the only house 
kitty.  He shared space with my 2 dogs. (which turn 13 in May)  So I am going 
to wait awhile before I move anyone into the house.  I just don't think I could 
do that yet.
 Thanks again,

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