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I'm so happy for you two! We never know how long our little friends are going to be with us, so I don't think you're nuts.

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Hi Everyone!
Saturday I went to a local cat rescue home and adopted a beautiful 16lb. flame point siamese boy. He is 10 years old and FeLV+. I have been missing my cuddler, Tucker, so much that I just wanted another loveable lap cat kitty. There were over 200 cats in that home but when I picked up Orlando it was all over. He just snuggled right in. His previous owner passed away in January. She had a lot of acreage, a couple of barns and a shop where she made signs. She had 17 cats who roamed the place and were never let inside or given vet care. When she passed away her husband brought all the cats to this rescue and several were FeLV+. Ironically, that was about the time Buzz was diagnosed and I was still trying to find a home for him. When I called this rescue they told me that they had just taken in several positives and did not have room. If someone had told me then that I would be taking one of the positives I never would have believed them. Anyway, Orlando is a very special sweetheart of a cat. He is even getting along fairly well with the other 5. Yesterday I had him to the vets and they found that he had once had a broken leg that was never taken care of and healed wrong. (I knew his back right leg was stiff). Time will tell if that is something to take care of now or not. They also re-confirmed the FeLV+. Anyway I am getting way too long winded.
Thanks for listening to me ramble,

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