Thanks Laura.  She's come around somewhat this morning, actually was by my
head purring when I woke up.  Her foster mom called me last night and told
me nothing I was telling her was unusual.  The anesthetic and pain
medication does weird things to some animals.

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> One of my fosters was HORRIBLE for several days after spaying. She was a
nice cat who became very aggressive and basically just stayed in a corner.
Eventually she returned to normal.
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> > For those of you have had female cats, at what point should
> > I be alarmed about their health.  Snowy was spayed today.
> > The vet said all went well.  She seemed very pleased and ok
> > on the way home.  Since then she has become very somber,
> > with her mouth slightly open and I swear I can hear a
> > raspiness in her throat.  She won't even let me touch
> > her and has retreated to upstairs.  She has had some drinks
> > of water, a lot actually when we first got home.  My vet is
> > not available this evening and my only alternative is to
> > take her to the emergency clinic which I hate with a
> > pasion.  The vet there is a complete jerk.  The fact that
> > he couldn't put BooBoo to sleep fast enough has a lot
> > to do with it. I just don't know if this is normal
> > behaviour for after this kind of surgery or something is
> > very wrong.  She looks angry or in pain.  I can't give
> > her any pain medication until tomorrow morning.  They gave
> > her an injection before we left today. I've put in a
> > call to her foster mother hoping she can give me some
> > advice but of course the way things go she isn't home.
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