Thanks Dede.

She was on the bed by my head this morning when I woke up.  She is
definitely better than she was last night but only ate a tiny bit this
morning.  She's upstairs sleeping.  I can't give her the pain medication
unless she eats.  She obviously has a sore throat because she is constantly
swallowing and when she did eat a little this morning she appeared to be
grinding her teeth.  I think her jaw aches too.  The foster mom told me to
watch her and if she seems to be in pain, then give her medication, if not
don't.  She says none of the shelter's cats get sent home with pain
medication.  I hate for her to be in any kind of discomfort but this cat
will not take medication.  She foams at the mouth and becomes hysterical.
As long as she is sleeping I'm not going to bother her.  I hate to see her
hurting but hopefully in a few days she will be feeling a little better.

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> Lynne, I didn't read your message until now.  I hope Snowy feels better
this AM.  It has been my experience that the older they are, the more
misserable they feel.  The pain meds should help.  As long as she is eating
and drinking, I would not worry too much.  I am glad this ordeal is over for
both of you.
> Snowy is very lucky to have you.
> Dede
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> > For those of you have had female cats, at what point should
> > I be alarmed about their health.  Snowy was spayed today.
> > The vet said all went well.  She seemed very pleased and ok
> > on the way home.  Since then she has become very somber,
> > with her mouth slightly open and I swear I can hear a
> > raspiness in her throat.  She won't even let me touch
> > her and has retreated to upstairs.  She has had some drinks
> > of water, a lot actually when we first got home.  My vet is
> > not available this evening and my only alternative is to
> > take her to the emergency clinic which I hate with a
> > pasion.  The vet there is a complete jerk.  The fact that
> > he couldn't put BooBoo to sleep fast enough has a lot
> > to do with it. I just don't know if this is normal
> > behaviour for after this kind of surgery or something is
> > very wrong.  She looks angry or in pain.  I can't give
> > her any pain medication until tomorrow morning.  They gave
> > her an injection before we left today. I've put in a
> > call to her foster mother hoping she can give me some
> > advice but of course the way things go she isn't home.
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