Wow, Kathryn...what a rough weekend-for the both of you!  It sounds like it 
took a while for the antibiotic to kick in for him...and that can make us 
completely frantic with worry, I know!
I am still learning a lot about the disease process...but it sounds like he 
might get through this episode alright.  I agree that getting him outside would 
be therapeutic....those enclosures are So expensive, though....perhaps someone 
here has another idea?
Good luck with your little's gonna be a rough ride, and your heart 
will be broken in the end...but you are doing a wonderful thing!Debbie 
(COL)"You gotta bloom where you're planted!"

To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Re: Smokey updateDate: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 10:10:11 
-0400From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Everyone,I had a real scare with Smokey over the 
weekend. I thought I was loosing him and I didn't even know if an emergency vet 
would treat him because of his disease. Do they?The good news is that I didn't 
need to find out, he's snapped out of it. I've been treating him for an upper 
respiratory problem and an eye infection. He also has ulcers on his mouth, poor 
boy! The little cat is a wreck, but he appears to have turned the corner. As of 
today, his mouth is healing, his eye isn't running and his breathing is normal. 
I do not want to get my hopes up too much, but I sure do want the little boy to 
stay with me. I can't believe how many tears I have shed for a little guy I've 
known less then two weeks. He's just so sweet.Is it normal for them to snap 
back so quickly? Is this a good sign that he might live a while? My vet says 
that he could live a few years and has even emailed me outdoor enclosures to 
look at. He was a stray and longs to be outside, so it would be nice for him to 
go outside once in a while.I really appreciate this site. It's wonderful to 
hear from people who know about this and also who understand. As with my horse, 
(he's a rescue, too) most of my friends think I am nuts for taking on this 
little cat. Thank you for listening,Kathryn-----Original Message-----From: 
catatonya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 7:33 
amSubject: Re: Welcome, Kathryn

I didn't get your original email Kathryn.  Welcome to ghe group.  Is your cat 
showing any symptoms? How old is he?
tonyaDiane Rosenfeldt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

You've come to a great place for information and support.  Others have much 
more experience with these babies, but I can tell you that diet and stress 
control are paramount.  If you can give your new guy (what's his name?) the 
best food possible and keep him as happy as possible, that's a great first 
step.  You can also supplement his diet with L-lysine (from natural food 
stores, without the additives found in the kind you find in most drugstores, 
which is toxic to cats).  Make sure your vet is knowledgeable on FeLV -- if 
he/she didn't immediately suggest euthanasia, that's a good sign.  If he/she 
isn't, look around for one who is.  Some people here like holistic vets, if 
there are some in your area, in addition to their regular vet.  
There's no way to know how long any of them will last.  Some people here have 
kitties who have lived long and well with FeLV, and then there are some (like 
my Patches, who came to me as a stray, too, who only stayed with me six weeks.) 
 What's important is to enjoy him every minute he's with you, fight the good 
fight together, but know when it's time to let go.  Not easy, but doable.  Good 
luck with your guy.
Diane R.

PROTECTED]: Saturday, July 05, 2008 9:50 AMTo: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Re: Melina 
Please add to the CLS :( 

I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Melina. I am new to this site and 
really know nothing of this terrible disease. I have recently (just bringing 
him home from the vets today) adopted the sweetest little boy who sadly has 
this virus. He showed up a few days ago as a stray. My husband and I fell in 
love with him and took him to the vet for shots, etc. Sadly, we were informed 
that he has tested positive.
I really do not know what this means. Any information will be greatly 
appreciated. I especially would like to know what I can do to keep him well for 
as long as possible. The vet suggests Vitamin C. Any information will be 
greatly appreciated.Sincerely,Kathryn-----Original Message-----From: Lynne 
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 8:20 pmSubject: Re: 
Melina Please add to the CLS :( 

I'm so saddened Sherry that Melina couldn't rally yet another time.  My heart 
honestly aches everytime I hear of another passing.  It sometimes makes one 
wonder just how much a body can endure.  But I guess the courage and trusting 
nature of these dear creatures makes it possible to go on.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Sherry DeHaan 
To: Felvtalk 
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 10:44 PM
Subject: Melina Please add to the CLS :( 

First of all I want to thank all of you for your prayers and good thoughts for 
this beautiful baby.The aweful disease was way too much for her this time.She 
was a VERY spunky little girl.My heart aches without her in my life.I need to 
keep telling myself that I gave her so much love that she was happy until the 
end.I will miss her little loving head butts and rubbing her sweet face on 
mine.Ok now the tears are coming out. :( Once again thank you all so much for 
having to listen to all my sadness.But I also get ALOT of goodness out of these 

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