Thanks for the link....I printed it out and will mail it to the vet.Debbie 
(COL)"You gotta bloom where you're planted!"

Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 15:10:28 -0700From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]: Re: [Felvtalk] ot-next problem

Debbie, if your vet doesn't think cats get hyperthyroidism then you desperately 
need to find a new vet.  Here is a link to more info. folks start out treating with 
meds to see how the cats responds.  Some will be candidates for radiotherapy.  
Be aware that may cats are dx with CRF after the thyroid issues are resolved.  
Hyper T tends to hide CRF.
--- On Sat, 7/19/08, Debbie Harrison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
From: Debbie Harrison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] ot-next 
problemTo: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Saturday, July 19, 2008, 4:52 PM "hyper-t hyper thyroid"???  It is what I suspected with my Baby 
Ruben...but the vet says "cats don't get that"....I tried to argue the point, 
but she wouldn't listen...Debbie (COL)"You gotta bloom where you're planted!"

Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 08:26:08 -0700From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]: [Felvtalk] ot-next problem
My cat Shaft has lost nearly half his body weight.  Everyone here has been so 
sick I just didn't realize it until a few weeks ago (a few days before I was 
leaving for a week's vacation).  I got him into the vet suspecting hyper-t as 
soon as I got back.  That's what it was.  The vet detected a heart murmer as 
well.  He is an estimated 18 years old.  He had a fever and the vet put him on 
some amoxy for that, as well as the tapazole, of course.
Problem.  He now hides and I have to chase him around to get any med.s down 
him.  I've given up on everything except the tapazole and he still hides.  
Should I stress him out with the chase down?  Crate him for a while?  He 
doesn't seem to be gaining ANY weight, and I have an appt. with vet again on 
Monday.  We were supposed to wait a month, but he's getting worse, not better.
Does anyone have the link to join the hyper-t group or any other advice?  I am 
quickly losing my mind. la la la la.

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