I think the only way to get a 'true' test on felv kittens is to test them asap 
and then wait at least 60 days (preferably 90).  Keep them totally away from 
other cats, and then retest.  This is so hard to do that I don't think anyone 
can judge a cat at any age as positive or negative from one test.........

MaryChristine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
    still seems like it doesn't make sense--i know better than most that it 
takes an adult cat 90 to 120 days to develop antigens after exposure, so why 
then do so many articles say that you can test kittens at any age? why not just 
SAY that a test result isn't valid in kittens before then? seems to me that 
this is another one of those, "we really don't know, so each of us will make it 
up as we go along," situations. I WANT ONE ANSWER, darn it! i don't care what 
it is, i just want one that everyone can agree upon, is that really too much to 
ask? (yeah, that was a rhetorical question.)

and unfortunately, not enough vets seem to know that FIV kittens will show 
their mom's antibodies, and, subsequently, fewer shelters and rescues do.

in EITHER case, a single test should never be taken as definitive--and all the 
major vet schools, and professional associations and literature have said so 
for years. hasn't made a whole lot of difference.

thanks for the link to the shelter med article, tho, as it confirms some of 
what i'd been seeing the journals, that transplacental transmission was no 
longer being considered the main vector.
hopefully, i'll be able to find those links again. (i have everything 
saved--it's just finding it again that can be problematical... )


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